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Doctor Appointment

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With Rocket Doctor you no longer need to look for parking, sit in the waiting room, and then only see a doctor for a few minutes. Our booking is fast and efficient and you don't need to repeat yourself during the appointment.

Our doctors can fill ePrescriptions for non-controlled substances.

Doctors can give you a sick note for work or school for short absences.

Doctors can order lab work and give you a lab work requisition.

Our doctors can help you with any family medicine and primary care needs.

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Access to care for rural communities.

Canadians in rural communities still experience challenges in access to care. Some of the factors affecting these populations’ access to care include: difficulty accessing a family physician; too long of a wait; geographic barriers; and unavailability of specialists.

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Relaying important health data to your doctor shouldn’t mean you have to be there in person. With our connected devices, you’ll be able to send health data securely to your doctor from a device that connects to your phone or computer.

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"We started Rocket Doctor because we want seeing a doctor to be enjoyable and efficient for patients just like you. No matter what you're dealing with we strive to provide you faster and more compassionate care."

Dr. William Cherniak
"It felt a bit strange at first, a virtual doctor, who would have thought! But it’s a super awesome service, that can get the help people need without leaving their home. The video and speaker was clear. No problems with communication."
Lauren J.
Toronto, Canada
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