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Primary & Urgent Care

Connect to a fully licensed Canadian physician for a medical consultation. Primary care services include:
Specialist care by a family doctor online

For specialist referrals, please fax to 647-696-8973

Specialist Care

Access a range of specialist healthcare providers from the comfort of your own home. Specialist services include:

Specialist care clinics are completely free and covered by provincial healthcare (OHIP, MSP, AHCIP).
Availability of specialist services will vary, depending on the province you reside in.
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For patients referrals, please fax to 647-696-8973

Substance Use and Addictions

Rocket Doctor’s Substance Use Service is dedicated to providing support, advice and treatment to individuals struggling with substance use in a safe, secure and confidential environment.

We offer substance use treatment and advice for
a wide range of substance use concerns including:

The Substance Use Services clinic is currently only available in Ontario. Appointments are completely free with OHIP.

Skip the waiting room. Access a range of healthcare services from the comfort of your own home. Connect to our network of highly trained and experienced MDs and specialists, available to provide you with the care you need, when you need it.

Fast, convenient, compassionate care

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Answer a Few Questions

Tell us about your symptoms and what’s worrying you.


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Schedule an Appointment

We match you with the best
provider at a time that suits
your schedule.


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See a Doctor

Relax, you’re in good hands!
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New to Virtual Care?

Read our guide on virtual healthcare which includes some tips on how to prepare for your appointment

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Are you looking for a quick, easy and trusted way to connect with a Canadian licensed doctor from the comfort own your own home?

Rocket Doctor offers virtual doctor appointments in Ontario, British Columbia and Alberta for all your health concerns.


When you book an appointment with Rocket Doctor, we’ll match you with the best suited doctor for you, based on the information you provide.


Skip the long lines, skip the waiting room at a walk-in clinic. Our virtual clinic is available so you can get the care you need when you need it. Whether you need a consultation for a minor issue from a family doctor or a specialist appointment with an orthopedic doctor, highly qualified health professionals are working on Rocket Doctor to provide you with care you need.

Get matched with the best suited doctor for your healthcare needs

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With Rocket Doctor, you can access family doctors emergency doctors or specialists online from anywhere. Online doctors in your province are available to provide you with the medical advice you need. You can get a medical advice, prescriptions, specialist treatment and more from doctors licensed in your province.


Healthcare providers in Ontario, British Columbia and Alberta are working on our platform to provide you with quick and easy access to care. Most of our services are covered by your provincial health cover so there is no cost to you*. At Rocket Doctor, we know how important your health is, and we’re here to help you maintain it.

* Rocket Doctor’s primary and emergency care services in Ontario are no longer covered by OHIP due to recent changes made by the OMA and Ontario Ministry of Health. Specialist care services are still covered by OHIP. For more information, and to sign the petition to see these changes reversed visit save virtual clinic
Book your virtual appointment with a family doctor or specialist today and experience the convenience and quality of care that virtual care offers.

Providing Access for Rural and Underserved Communities

Learn how Rocket Doctor is helping bridge the healthcare gap, particularly for people in rural communities who struggle to access healthcare altogether.

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What our Patients Have to Say


" Staff were very attentive and listened to my concerns. Offered not only a solution but advice on a couple of items that were noted from my intake questions. Thank you for all of you advice and help. "

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" They were very quick to get back to me, polite, knowledgeable. No waiting in line. It was wonderful. "

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For people without a family doctor, this service is a MUST. Thank you for attending to my concerns quickly, at a convenient time for me, without a 8-12 hour wait in a hospital or walk in clinic.
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Very easy to make an appointment, I got a call minutes after submitting an online form and had an appointment booked for the following business day. The doctor was efficient, addressed my concerns and I received a prescription that day. Will use again when needed!
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I used Rocket Doctor recently for my daughter. The registration and booking of the appointment was easy to do, with a follow up call from them to follow up and let us know when to expect to speak to a doctor. Not only was the Doctor on time, he was thorough and the service we experienced was awesome. In less than 15 minutes, we were done and her Rx was sent over to our local pharmacy. Thank you soo much! I will absolutely be using this service again and telling others about it!
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Thank god for Rocket Doctor, without them I would have had three trips to the ER. This takes up valuable resources when they are needed the most. Rocket Doctor is the most effective, efficient, bright spot in our healthcare today!

Frequently Asked Questions

Rocket Doctor is a virtual health platform that allows you to book an online doctor appointment in Canada from the comfort of your own home. It works by connecting you with Canadian licensed physicians who can provide medical advice, diagnosis, and treatment through secure video call or text chat (text chat is currently available in Ontario only)
Currently, Rocket Doctor is available to patients in Ontario, Alberta and British Columbia.
A Rocket Doctor physician licensed and located in your province will speak to you where you can discuss any symptoms or concerns that you are feeling with a virtual visit. The doctor will assess you and put together the best care plan for you. If a prescription is required, arrangements will be made to send it to a pharmacy of your choice.
Waiting times depend on the availability of doctors in your province. In most cases, when you request an appointment, it will be scheduled for either that same day, or the following day.
Rocket Doctor’s virtual care online appointments can address a range of medical conditions, including acute illnesses, mental health concerns, sexual health concerns, allergies and much more. However, there are some medical issues that may require an in-person visit with a doctor or specialist
We have built our cloud-based technology platform in a way that enables each doctor to view the records of all of your previous visits with Rocket Doctor in order to assist with the best possible care. While each doctor may not have time to review these records in-depth in advance of your visit, the system ensures that access to the information that will assist in your care as streamlined and efficient as possible.
All doctors on Rocket Doctor are fully licensed Canadian physicians, qualified to practice medicine in Canada. They are required to meet the same standards and regulations as doctors who work in traditional brick-and-mortar clinics or hospitals.
Yes, you can obtain a prescription through Rocket Doctor’s online appointments, regardless of which province you are located in. If the doctor deems it necessary, they can send your prescription directly to your pharmacy for collection. Whether you are in Ontario, British Columbia, or Alberta, Rocket Doctor provides a convenient and accessible alternative to in-person doctor visits for prescriptions and prescription refills.
If you need to see a specialist, you can get a referral from a physician through Rocket Doctor. There are also a number of specialists working on the platform meaning accessing specialist care much can be much quicker and more convenient.
If you need additional testing after your online doctor appointment with Rocket Doctor, the doctor may request blood work, imaging, or other diagnostic tests. You may be required to visit a physical clinic or hospital for these services.

In Alberta and British Columbia, appointments are completely covered by provincial health plans.

For Ontario patients, specialist care services including our Substance Use Services clinic are fully covered by OHIP, however, unfortunately due to changes made by the Ontario Medical Association (OMA) and the Ontario Ministry of Health, primary care and urgent care services on Rocket Doctor are no longer funded by OHIP. Rocket Doctor offers a range of care options ranging from $55-$65 for an appointment.

When you first book an appointment, the smart platform will match you with the most appropriate licensed health professional available for your medical concerns. This ensures that you receive the best possible care and advice during your virtual appointment, whether you need to see an online doctor for a routine check-up or have a more urgent medical concern.

For any follow up appointments, you can request to meet with the same physician. The team will do their best to arrange an appointment with your chosen physician however it will depend on the specific doctor’s availability.

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About Rocket Doctor

Rocket doctor is a digital health platform that allows physicians to provide comprehensive care virtually.

Through our efficient and automated digital health platform, we're making high-quality healthcare affordable, accessible, quick and convenient.

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William Cherniak CEO

Dr. William Cherniak

ER Physician, CEO & Founder of Rocket Doctor

As a practicing Emergency Room Doctor, Rocket Doctor's founder, Dr. William Cherniak saw first-hand how the lack of options to in-person care negatively impact patients, families, and doctors.

With Rocket Doctor, Dr. Cherniak is creating an accessible and comfortable way for patients and families to access the care they need.

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Rocket Doctor Accessibility Statement

Rocket Doctor is committed to digital accessibility, and to conforming to the Web Content Accessibility Guidelines (WCAG) 2.1, Level A and AA and complying with Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) effective communication requirements, and other applicable regulations.

To accomplish this, we have partnered with eSSENTIAL Accessibility to administer our accessibility program and oversee its governance. Their accessibility program evaluates our digital products on an ongoing basis in accordance with best practices and is supported by a diverse team of accessibility professionals, including users of assistive technologies. The platform, moreover, goes beyond minimum compliance requirements by making an assistive CX technology application available to customers who have trouble typing, gesturing, moving a mouse, or reading. The application is free to download and it incorporates tools such as mouse and keyboard replacements, voice recognition, speech enablement, hands-free/touch-free navigation, and more.

We want to hear from you if you encounter any accessibility barriers on our digital properties. Please contact our Customer Support at


Do you have a valid/unexpired OHIP card?


Do you have a referral?

If you do not have a referral and would like to book an appointment with our General Medicine providers please

If you have a referral that has already been faxed to Rocket Doctor and would like to follow up on its status.

Please Call
1 867 670 2273

If you have a referral for any of the below available specializations.

  • Allergy / Immunology
  • Dermatology
  • Cardiology
  • Family + Lactation Consulting
  • General Surgery
  • STI
  • Genetics
  • Obstetrics
  • Gynecology
  • Internal Medicine
  • Lifestyle Medicine for Stroke Neurology
  • Orthopedic Surgery
  • Nephrologist
  • Pediatric Neurology
  • Pediatrics
  • Psychiatry
  • Respirology

Please Fax
1 647 696 8973

Live Text Chat with a Doctor

Get the answers to your healthcare concerns from a licensed Ontario physician in real-time.


Connect with a doctor and chat in real-time via live text chat. Choose a time and connect with a doctor who can diagnose, prescribe medication, handle refills, write lab requisitions, order imaging, and more.

Appointments: $55

Live Video Call with a Physician Assistant

Connect with a qualified Physician Assistant through live video call from your smart phone, tablet or computer.


Schedule your video medical consultation at a time that works for you. Rest assured, you’re in good hands. Our dedicated Physician Assistants are highly trained, and all cases are reviewed by a fully licensed Ontario doctor.

Appointments: $65

Substance Use Services Clinic

Rocket Doctor’s Substance Use Service is dedicated to providing support, resource, and advice to individuals struggling with substance use. Our service is tailored to give individuals the freedom to seek help in a safe, secure and confidential environment.


If you or someone you know is dealing with substance use issues, we are here to help.

Substance Use Services appointments are completely free with OHIP

Live Video Call with a Doctor

Connect with a Doctor via live video call from your smart phone, tablet or computer.

As a result of changes made by the Ontario Medical Association (OMA) and the Ontario Ministry of Health, there are a very limited number of doctors providing appointments that are free of charge for OHIP-covered patients on Rocket Doctor.


Appointment wait times are expected to be significantly longer on this service, compared to our other virtual care services.

Appointments: $0 with OHIP

Book an Appointment

Please fill in your details and you will be added to the waiting list for an appointment completely covered by OHIP.

Due to high demand and limited physician availability for this service, wait times are likely to be significant longer than our other virtual care services. Patients will be contacted on a first-come, first-served basis.

Please do not call our support team for an update on your appointment. Our Patient Care team will contact you as soon as your appointment is ready to be scheduled.

Please see here for details on our Terms and Conditions and Privacy Policy