Healthcare from the comfort of your home.

Putting the
back into healthcare.

An innovative solution to an age-old problem

There is no great way to receive healthcare today. It’s expensive, over-crowded and under-funded. We think that’s a huge problem.

Rocket Doctor brings fully-licensed and board-certified doctors to your living room through the power of telemedicine. So you can get the diagnosis and care you need faster, more affordably, and more comprehensively.

We’re here to work with Doctors to make healthcare modern and efficient. For everyone.

Our Vision

Healthcare in the comfort of your home

We want to make the process of receiving healthcare more peaceful, more accurate, and more convenient.


We’ll accomplish this by building a community of fully-licensed board-certified doctors ready to provide virtual care 24/7.


At the touch of a button, you’ll be able to schedule an appointment and speak to a doctor face-to-face to get important diagnosis, prescriptions and care instructions so you or your child can start to feel better, faster.

Save Time

Stop spending hours in crowded and uncomfortable waiting rooms. Rocket Doctor brings the doctor to you.

Save Money

A virtual doctor’s visit saves you a lot of money compared to an in-person visit, especially if you don’t have health insurance. As of March 2020, Medicare and Medicaid cover telehealth!

Get a better diagnosis

Our doctors will harness the power of data and AI to make better, more accurate diagnoses for our patients.

Get the attention you deserve

Fill out all of your medical information in advance so you can focus on treatment during your time with the doctor.
Dr Cherniak - Online Doctor

We started Rocket Doctor because we want seeing a doctor to be an enjoyable and efficient experience for patients just like you. No matter what you’re dealing with we strive to provide you faster and more compassionate care.

Dr. William Cherniak

Founder RocketDoctor, ER doctor

Our Medical Leadership

Dr. William Cherniak (MD MPH CCFP-EM/DABFM)

CEO, Founder

Dr. Justin Losier (CCFP-EM, PEM)

Co-Founder and Chief Medical Officer

Dr. Robyn Heister

MD, FACEP, MD Advisor

Dr. Mikal Finkelstein

MD, MPH, FAAP, MD Advisor

Dr. Rohit Gandhi

MD Lead Eastern Canada

Dr. David Mikhail

MD Specialists Lead

Sam Montasser

MD Lead Western Canada

Our Team

Dr. William Cherniak

CEO and Founder

Adam Teitelman

Co-Founder and Chief Revenue Officer

Harry Cherniak

Co-Founder, Chief Operating Officer and Privacy Officer

Dr. Justin Losier

Co-Founder and Chief Medical Officer

Hafiz Dhanani

Director of Marketing

Doris Jean Pierre

Manager, Medicaid and Vulnerable Populations

Shekhar Saxena

VP Engineering

Austin Cameron

Software Engineer

Maya Sumaida

Manager, Medical Operations

Annie Bell

Paid Acquisition Specialist

Our Advisors

Harley Katz


Mikal Finkelstein


Jonathan Wright, JD

Legal and Healthtech Advisor

Robyn Heister


Jonathan Lochhaas


Our Providers

Our fully-licensed board-certified doctors are trained at top institutions.

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