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Rocket Doctor is a rapidly growing digital health marketplace that provides comprehensive patient care virtually. We connect patients with board-certified physicians of all disciplines through our proprietary tech platform. Founded in Toronto, the service has cared for over 30,000 patients, expanding beyond Ontario to service Alberta, BC and most recently California, USA.

Our Mission

We believe healthcare is a basic human right and not a privilege for those with money and connections. Everyone should have access to affordable high-quality care. Rocket Doctor is on a mission to make high-quality healthcare affordable, accessible, quick and convenient for everyone, but especially those living in underserved communities.


We do this by empowering doctors to run their own virtual practice through an efficient and automated platform, while extending the breadth of services offered by sending the most advanced doctor’s office directly to patients.

Rocket Doctor was founded by doctors for doctors. We started the company to empower independent physicians to improve the quality and access of care available to everyone. Our digital health platform and marketplace connects doctors and patients in a unique way; bringing the world’s most advanced doctor’s office directly to patients. The end result is faster, more convenient and more compassionate care.

Dr. William Cherniak

Founder RocketDoctor, ER PHYSICIAN

Dr Cherniak - Online Doctor

Our Team

Dr. William Cherniak

CEO and Founder

Adam Teitelman

Co-Founder and Chief Revenue Officer

Harry Cherniak

Co-Founder, Chief Operating Officer and Privacy Officer

Dr. Justin Losier

Co-Founder and Chief Medical Officer

Shekhar Saxena

VP Engineering

Steve Quintin

Steve Quintin

VP Growth & Marketing

Doris Jean Pierre

Director, People

Lynn Moore

Lynn Moore

Director, US Billing and Client Services

Our Medical Leadership

Dr. William Cherniak (MPH CCFP-EM/DABFM)

CEO, Founder

Dr. Justin Losier (CCFP-EM, PEM)

Co-Founder and Chief Medical Officer

Dr. Robyn Heister (FACEP)

MD Advisor

Dr. Mikal Finkelstein (MPH, FAAP)

MD Advisor

Dr. Rohit Gandhi (CCFP-EM)

MD Lead Eastern Canada

Dr. Sam Montasser (CCFP)

MD Lead Western Canada

Dr. David Mikhail

Dr. David Mikhail (MPH(c), FRCSC)

Head of Surgical Services

Dr. George Mastoras

Dr. George Mastoras (FRCPC)

Head of Emergency Medicine

Our Story

Rocket Doctor Company Growth Timeline Infographic

Our Advisors

Harley Katz


Mikal Finkelstein


Jonathan Wright, JD

Legal and Healthtech Advisor

Robyn Heister


Amol Deshpande

Amol Deshpande


Aaron Lee

Aaron Lee


Baskar Puvanathasan

Baskar Puvanathasan

BSc C. Eng

Jonathan Lochhaas


Our Doctors

Our independent, fully-licensed board-certified doctors are trained at many of North America's top institutions.
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