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These services are available for patients in Ontario

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Why Virtual Care?

Virtual care allows patients to have a remote appointment with a doctor through their smartphone, tablet, computer or other internet-enabled device.


Patients have long suffered the burden of long waiting times, large distances to travel, lack of available specialists, potential exposure to infection in waiting rooms and the need to take significant time out of their busy lives for an appointment with the doctor.


Virtual care brings accessibility, convenience and safety to a meeting with the doctor, and provides access to communities and populations who struggle to access quality care.


Patients must be within the province of Ontario to see the doctor virtually.

Why Use Rocket Doctor?


Skip The Waiting Room

No travel or sitting in the waiting room, exposing you, your child and other to potential infection. With a referral, you can arrange an appointment at a time that suits you from the comfort of home.


Discreet and Secure Care

Virtual care through Rocket Doctor is 100% secure, discreet and confidential. Receive the care you need in an environment of your choice via secure video or phone conversation. The choice is yours.

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Peace of mind. Care without the stress

Our patient care team will take care of you from the first click. We’ll walk you through the process and find an appointment time that suits you. You’ll receive reminders prior to the appointment. That’s another thing off your mind!

How it Works

Ask for a Referral

Speak to your family doctor about getting a referral to Genomicare's clinic

Comprehensive assessment

Speak with a doctor or physician’s assistant for a custom treatment plan.

Follow-up visits

Schedule follow-up visits as needed to get support with your treatment plan, address any questions, and get help with treatment adjustments if necessary

Pay Nothing Out of Pocket

We bill OHIP directly. As a covered Ontario resident, you pay nothing.

Book an Appointment

Tell us about your symptoms and what worries you.

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